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Honduras Resisting US Apparel Market Decline (Country Report)

1 February 2013 - US apparel imports from Honduras saw a shrinkage in volume and dollar terms in past year. This is mostly explained by the lower US apparel market, and intense competition with the emerging Asian countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam. Our statistical tables provide a detailed view of Honduras apparel export data, with US imports per category in January-November and a comparison with other CAFTA countries. Full Report...    Sample Report...    Table Of Content...

Colombia's Apparel Now Waiting for US Buyers (Country Report)

13 December 2012 - Colombia's apparel exports are expected strongly rising in coming years, afer long-awaited implementation of duty-free agreement with the United States. Colombia has a very strong textile industry which should help integrating the Latin American country in global apparel supply chain. Our statistical tables provide a detailed view of Colombia's textile and clothing export data in January-October, with US imports per quota category in January-September. Comparison tables of inflation and currency trends in rival countries are also available. Full Report...    Sample Report...    Table Of Content...

Mexico's Apparel Exports Would be Boosted by New Rules of Origin (Country Report)

30 May 2012 - Mexico's apparel exports to the United States continue recovering, whatever the competitive advantage offered to Central American countries. Mexican textile and apparel industries would however favor an harmonization of NAFTA and CAFTA-DR rules of origin, our special envoy to Mexico reports. Our statistical tables provide a comprehensive view of latest export trends with detailed EU and US import data per category of products. Full Report...    Sample Report...    Table Of Content...

Central America Gaining Market Share Over China (Country Report)

22 May 2012 -For the first time since the opening of quotas, China has lost market share in 2011 against Central America in US apparel imports. While China has seen a drop due to higher raw material and labor costs, CAFTA-DR seems a competitive option for US buyers because of its duty-free access and its ability to offer higher speed-to-market for US retailers. Our report offers a comprehensive statistical analysis per category of US apparel imports from CAFTA-DR compared with total US imports and shipments from China. Multiple year data from 2008-2011 are available for download. Full Report...    Sample Report...    Table Of Content...


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