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Peru Takes Advantage of Textile Integration (Country Report)

8 December 2011 - Peru has developed strong textile and apparel industries thanks to a series of free trade agreements, including with the United States. Investment in updated textile facilities helped targeting niche markets on the higher side of the global market, and offering a fully integrated supply chain, our special envoy to Peru reports. Full Report...    Sample Report...    Table Of Content...

US Duty-Free Apparel Imports in Free Fall This Year (Statistical Report)

6 August 2009 - US apparel imports under duty-free access are more sharply falling this year, reflecting the stronger competition from China after quotas were eliminated. After resisting for years, duty-free imports from Central America are retreating while shipments from QIZs in the Middle East or from sub-Saharan Africa are also negatively affected. Full Report...

More Asian Fabrics in U.S. Duty-Free Apparel Imports

8 October 2008 - A new bill was passed by the US Congress in the last week extending for one additional year the duty free access offered to apparel from Colombia and Peru. The Dominican Republic also got the right to use Asian fabrics in duty-free apparel exports to the United States. In addition, Asian denim is again accepted in duty-free apparel imports from Sub-saharan Africa while Mauritius, Botswana and Namibia are now allowed using Asian fabrics under the "third-country fabric" provision. Full Report...

Colombia and Peru Getting 10-Month Extension of Duty-Free Programme

28 February 2008 - The US Congress is approving a 10-month extension of the duty-free programme on apparel imports from Colombia and Peru. This is the third last-minute extension of the program in only two years. Such an uncertainty finally resulted in lower exports from both countries to the US market with Peru much less affected than Colombia, however. Full Report...    Sample Report...


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