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China-Asean Free Trade Area to Boost Asia's Textile Integration

5 January 2010 - The full implementation of the China-Asean free trade area effective from January 1st is a decisive step toward establishing an Asian textile-clothing integration. China is expected developing textile and clothing exports to South East Asia while also importing more textile products from the region. Chinese investment in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar will also be boosted by the agreement. Full Report...

US Apparel Imports from the Philippines in 2006 (Country Report)

9 April 2007 -Far from declining, US apparel imports from the Philippines reached a new record level in 2006, at US$2 billion. The rebound is partly due to US quotas on Chinese apparel but also to a specialization in a small number of product categories, including cotton knit shirts in 338-339 where sales by Philippine exporters rocketed in the past two years, as reflected by our series of tables and indices. Full Report...    Sample Report...

Philippines exported less to the US in January to July 2005 (Country Report)

17 October 2005 - With a slight fall in apparel exports to the US, top exporters in the Philippines have been told not to panic. While several cotton categories have resisted Chinese competition, others have however decreased. Man-Made Fibre categories even fell considerably. A free trade agreement with the US is possible that could boost exports, but more work needs to be done. Full Report...

Philippine apparel exports rebounded in October
(Country Report)

28 October 2004 - Already declining in the past years, Philippine apparel exports could further fall in the post-quota period, as the country is confronted with higher labour costs and lower textile capacities than other competitors in the region. The domestic industry is expected increasingly focusing on production of high quality branded clothing. Full Report...


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